Terms and conditions of car rental:

  • The minimum rental period is one day.
  • The minimum driver’s age is 21 years.
  • Driving experience – 2 years.
  • To enter into a car rent agreement, a personal identification document and a valid driver’s license are required.
  • Legal entities are additionally required to provide the company registration certificate, the power of attorney supporting the right to represent the company and to rent a car on behalf of the company.
  • The car can only be used by persons indicated in the agreement and only for the term of use of the car.
  • The car rental price includes vehicle liability insurance. The insurance is valid throughout the territory of the European Union.
 PROHIBITION: Departure from the territory of the Republic of Lithuania by a rented car is possible only with the written consent of the lessor. A fine of €1000 is imposed for the arbitrary departures from the territory of the Republic of Lithuania without the written consent of the lessor. Running. The maximum average daily running is 300 km.
  • The entire rental price must be paid not later than before taking the car. Payment by bank transfer or in cash is possible.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in cars. A fine of €50 is applied.
  • The lessee assumes full responsibility for the non-insured event. The lessee assumes responsibility for all consequences in case of passing the car to another driver. Upon violation of the road traffic rules, the lessee must pay penalties. In the event of a theft and failure to return the car keys and vehicle documentation to the lessor, the lessee must compensate the damage.
  • The car rent deposit is €150.
  • The deposit will be refunded upon expiration of the car rental term unless the rental conditions are violated.
  • If the lessee delays to return the car for more than 3 hours, another day is charged.
  • If the car is collected later or returned earlier, the money is not refunded for unused time.
  • The lessee must return the car in the same technical condition and composition as it has been rented.
  • The car is rented with a full fuel tank. The lessee must also return the car with a full fuel tank. Otherwise, the lessee must pay for the missing fuel and the fuel replenishment fee (€20).
  • If the car is soiled more than during normal operation (both inside and outside), the car will be subject to a car cleaning fee (€30) in respect of the lessee.
  • If the lessee fails to comply the contractual conditions or if the lessee is unable to fulfill his duties, the lessor has the right to withdraw the car ahead of time.

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